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High-Speed Single Needle Straight Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine Comes With Table, Legs, Servo Motor & LED Lamp

Are you ahome sewer considering moving upfrom adomestic sewing machine tosomething that can handle larger projects lượt thích quilts? Or, are you looking for anew sewing machine for your business?

Professional shops, design schools, and trang chủ sewers interested inasewing machine that handles straight lockstitching for asmuch asahalf-inch offabric will appreciate the JUKI DDL-8700. Solidly built, this machine works quickly with consistent stitching that makes anything you sew look professional and well made.

Get Ready to
Fall in
Love with Your New DDL 8700

Even though it’s ahigh-powered industrial machine, the servo motor makes itmuch quieter. Smooth, fast, and quiet stitching means you’ll beable tosew longer and get bigger projects completed quickly.

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Need toput the brakes onthat high-speed stitch? Adjust the servo motor for aslower tốc độ anytime.

This high-shank machine can also use many ofour presser feet that fit. This means you can add ontothe machine’s functions và dothings lượt thích ruffling, gathering, bias, elastic, và zipper installation with aquick change ofthe presser foot. Wecarry over 200 presser feet, many ofwhich are high-shank (aswell ashigh-shank adapters for snap-on feet.)

Once you become accustomed tousing the 8700, you’ll understand why somany other JUKI buyers swear bytheir machines.

Love JUKI? Goldstar Tool Has You Covered

We carry several JUKI machines, including the DDL-8700. Ready tomove uptoone ofthe world’s best machines? You can order right now from our website. Have questions? Callus at1-800-868-4419, và we’ll behappy toanswer everything for you.

About the JUKI DDL-8700

The JUKI DDL-8700 can handle many types of lockstitch sewing for light to lớn medium-weight fabrics.

With a maximum sewing speed of 5,000 spm và a maximum stitch length of 5mm, the DDL—8700 can handle all the straight lockstitching you need. It has a throat space of 10.5″ to lớn handle a larger amount of fabric. The throat plate has marker grooves with different seam widths for easy reference. Need lớn sew something a little heavier? The throat plate và feed dogs can be exchanged for thicker ones.

Bobbins wind quickly with the built-in winder that sits on the right side of the head. Simply thread the bobbin, wind it a little, put it onto the spindle, push it in place, and touch the foot pedal for a fast refill.

The LED light means you’ll have an easier time seeing what you’re sewing.

This moderately priced industrial machine also has low vibration và high responsiveness that consistently produces the best seaming.


Safety Tips for the DDL-8700

Always turn off the machine before threading or doing anything that could potentially cause injury, such as threading, oiling, changing a needle, or installing a bobbin for sewing.

The 8700 comes equipped with a finger guard on the shaft khổng lồ prevent injury and needle breakage. If you’re having trouble threading the machine, we suggest getting a pair of long tweezers khổng lồ help.

Keep your hands, hair, và anything else that could become caught away from the bobbin hook, needle area, và other moving parts of the machine.

Always operate the 8700 with a full pan of oil. Kiểm tra your machine’s oil pan regularly before & after use to lớn ensure smooth operation and prevent damage.

And of course, make sure to lớn read the accompanying instruction manual, safety manual, and thiết đặt sheet that comes with your machine.

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90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.

** Head Only option does not include the table, legs, Servo Motor, and LED Lamp. No assembly or residential charges necessary.



Q: What kind of needles vày you use in the DDL-8700?

A: The needles that come with your JUKI are the Organ DBx1, & are available on our website. This machine uses kích cỡ 16×257, form size 8 through 20, or 16×97. The 8700 can also use standard needles, form size 9 through 21, either universal needles, or fabric-specific needles such as knit.

Q: Where does the machine oil go?

A: There a is pan directly underneath the machine that supplies oil lớn the machine by a cotton wick. Lift the machine up & over while on the table to access the oil tank. You must keep the machine’s oil cấp độ consistently at the «high» mark, either by adding more oil or draining it and refilling it as needed. If the oil pump can’t get the oil into the machine, it can cause serious problems later.

Q: What kind of oil does this machine require?

A: Much like motor oil in your car, you need a specific type to lớn keep this machine running. The DDL-8700 requires JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1, equivalent to ISO VG7.

Q: What kích thước table can I get with this machine?

A: Our table is 22"w x 47"l, with legs. It includes a knee pedal và foot pedal, as well as a left-hand drawer for accessories.

Q: Does the DDL 8700 make buttonholes?

A: No. The 8700 only does straight stitching, with a horizontal bar on the right side for a reverse stitch.

Oil: JUKI New Defrix Oil No. 1 #MDFRX1600C0Needles: DBx1,16x257 (Size #9-#18)Bobbins: Metal Bobbins #270010Bobbin Case: Metal Class 95 — Singer #52237Rotary Hook Assembly:#B-1830-127-0A0​Bar Thread Guide Screw:#SS-7080510-TP​Presser Foot Screw:#SS-7091110-TPPresser Foot Assembly:B1524-012-0A0Thread Tension Assembly:#229-62054

ACCESSORY KITSStarter Kit For Industrial Sewing Machines
Deluxe Kit For Industrial Sewing Machines

PRESSER FOOT KITS5 Pack Industrial High Shank Presser Feet
Glide-On Industrial High Shank Presser Feet (5 Pack)

SEWING GUIDES và GAUGESMagnetic ​Sewing Machine Gauge Guide
Quilters Swing Sewing Guide
Swing Gauge #5812T Gauge (2-1/2")Adjustable Seam Guide
Sewing Machine 3 Corner Gauge #25873Swing Away Roller Guide Short Arm


ZIPPER/CORDING/WELTING/PIPINGInvisible Zipper Presser Foot #S518Split Hinged Zipper Presser Foot #40322SHNarrow Right Hinged Cording Foot #12435HNNarrow Left Hinged Cording Foot #31358HNWide Left Hinged Cording/Zipper Foot #31358HWL-P36LWide Right Hinged Cording/Zipper Foot #12435HWR-P36High Shank Double Welting/Piping Foot #36069DGMetal Piping Foot (Right Or Left) #36069L, 36069RWelting/Piping/Cording Presser Foot #767415000

COMPENSATINGLeft Compensating Presser Foot
Right Compensating Presser Foot
Compensating Binder Presser Foot
Compensating Foot 211-14

SHIRRING/GATHERINGShirring/Gathering Foot #120828Shirring/Gathering With Adjustable Blocks #S950Shirring/Gathering Screw Adjusting Presser Foot #S952Shirring/Gathering Tape Guide Elastic Adjustable Presser Foot #S537

GUIDE FOOTHinged Right Guide Foot

BUTTONHOLE FOOTHigh Shank Buttonhole #CY-703H


HEMMERBall Hemmer Foot (Double Fold) #490358 Spring Hemmer Foot #490359Hemming Presser Foot and thư mục Set #F502

CENTER TUBEHinged Center Tube Presser Foot #S10C

ROLLERSmall Roller Foot With Needle Plate & Feed Dogs
Large Roller Foot With Needle Plate & Feed Dogs
SPK Roller Foot #SPK3

BIASBias Tape Binding Presser Foot #6288

STRAIGHT STITCHHinged Straight Stitch Presser Foot #P351Hinged Straight Stitching Foot #24983Hinged Narrow Presser Foot #142058NHeavyweight Straight Stitch Presser Foot - Brother #SA173Straight Stitch Presser Foot With Finger Guard #351

GLIDE-ON/TEFLONGlide-On Invisible Zipper Presser Foot #S518NSTGlide-On Standard Extended Tail Hinged Presser Foot #MT-18Glide-On Welting/Piping/Cording Presser Foot #36069TNon-Stick Glide-On Presser Foot #T-350Universal Glide-On Hinged Narrow Zipper Presser Foot #T-363Universal Glide-On Left Narrow Zipper Presser Foot #T36LNUniversal Glide-On Right Narrow Zipper Presser Foot #T36N

FOR QUILTINGQuilters Swing Sewing Guide For Industrial Sewing Machines1/4" High Shank Clear Ruler Foot For không tính tiền Motion Quilting1/4" High Shank Metal Ruler Foot For miễn phí Motion Quilting
Metal Quilting Glide Foot và Needle Plate​ #GS1Kit
Quilter Foot with Guides - Singer #S521


BINDERS/FOLDERSRaw Edge Binder mix #S64​Raw Edge Plain Tape Binder Binding Attachment #100LSRight Angle Binder mix #S60Double Fold Binder / Binding Attachment thư mục #508LTop Mount Collarette Binder đứng top Clean

What can be said about the Juki DDL-8700 that hasn"t already been said? This machine is a favorite among factories, tailors & even trang chủ sewers. This machine hit the market in the 1960s with the Juki 227, then the 555, then eventually the 8000 series, where we get this 8700. This is the newest model. It has a maximum tốc độ is 5500 stitches per minute. This machine can be used for;

It’s easy to work with multiple material types because of the wide variety of available plates và feed dogs. Here we have a medium plate and feed dog, but there are plenty to lớn choose from.It’s also easy lớn change out the foot for your desired operation. All these parts are very affordable và easy to find at
This high shank machine sites atop this 20x48 inch table. The bed of the sewing machine is approximately 19 inches.From the foot to the neck is about ten & a half inches.And the foot raises about half an inch.You’ll also see the reverse lever over here at the base of the neck. So if you need khổng lồ back up,just press this lever & begin lớn sew again.Here we have the adjuster knob for the stitch size.It adjusts from one millimeter, up khổng lồ five millimeters.And here we have the bobbin winder.The reason for two spools on the thread stand is so you have a spool for bobbin winding. Và of course, the other spool is for sewing.
Take your thread and run it through the post, through the two tension disks, run it through the two guide holes, through the tension disk, & over the kiểm tra spring, and through the thread guide. Next, go through the take-up lever. Then through the đứng top thread guide và lower thread guide. Then through the thread guard. At this point, you’ll want to lớn snip the thread to lớn get a very clean point. & finally, you will thread the needle from outside the machine lớn inside. (from left lớn right). This is very important. You may find tweezers to lớn be helpful. Now that we’re finished…
Place thread through the start hole, and then through the two tension disks. Make sure it pops when you pull it through. Attach the bobbin lớn the axel. Pull the thread down through the bobbin và begin lớn wind it counter-clockwise a few times, then wrap the thread under & wind it the opposite direction. Then mix the bobbin winder in place by pushing the lever forward.
The needles you want lớn use are a 16x257. You can use any size from a form size eight, up to lớn a kích thước eighteen needle. Any kích thước higher & you will need khổng lồ get a 16x95 needle & adjust the timing of the machine.
Our Juki DDL 8700 comes fully assembled just lượt thích you see here. It is ready lớn sew when you receive it. However, there is one thing you MUST vì chưng first. We do NOT ship the machine with oil in it because it will spill during shipping. YOU MUST OIL THE MACHINE. Here’s how you bởi vì it.
Fortunately, this is very easy. Just tilt the head back on the machine. You will notice the high & low lines marked inside the oil pan. Just take the oil bottle(included with your purchase) and pour it into the oil pan until you reach the full mark. It’s important to lớn keep an eye on the oil levels when you sew. How often you kiểm tra should depend on use. If you begin to lớn run low, just showroom a little oil khổng lồ the pan khổng lồ once again reach the full indication line. If your oil is getting thread build-up and begins to lớn look a little gunky, you can simply drain the pan by placing a container under the table & releasing this oil plug with a flat-head screwdriver. Just above the plug, underneath the machine is the oil pump. It’s easy khổng lồ clean with just a blast of air from your canned air or compressor. Replace the plug after, and refill the pan with fresh oil. Now over here you’ll notice a plastic part – this is not packing material – this is the umbrella. This raises & lowers the foot, controlled by the knee lifter.
You can expect an industrial-grade table và legs, with drawer, a bottle of oil, thread stand, adjustable tốc độ servo motor, và operational pedals. You will also get a users’ manual, a dust cover và a package with a bobbin, needles và a screwdriver. When you order from us, you can expect to lớn get all this, fully assembled & ready to lớn sew in about three khổng lồ five business days.